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If you would like to attend on your own, I’ll notify you once I have a sufficient number of participants to run a workshop and we’ll come up with a date that suits you all.

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If you wish to attend a workshop with a group of friends or family (including hen parties), I’ll be delighted to organise your workshop once there are 4 or more participants.

My Signature Workshop

Creative Mandala Method

Create Symbolic Self-Discovery Artworks. No previous art experience required. Relaxing and therapeutic.

Workshop Duration: 5h

Tickets: €75 (including a set of watercolours, yours to keep)

Workshop Description:

Creative Mandalas are a unique combination of collage, using circular mandala shapes, over 100 symbols designed by me, photos, quotes and other elements that are significant to the participants.

Every piece is different and meaningful to the artist. From first glance, they are original symbolic pieces of art, but for their creator, they are often telling a story behind one’s life chapter. Creative Mandalas help to heal, let go and move forward.

Workshop participants can expect to find the creative process relaxing and therapeutic.

More Information & Videos:

Suitable for people 12 years of age or older (teenagers must be accompanied by an adult).

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