Dominika Stoppa


Dominika Stoppa is an Artist and Founder of the Creative Mandala™ Method

She is an Award-Winning Coach and Trainer specialising in Creativity, Wellbeing and Mindfulness.

Using a unique and creative approach to personal development; Dominika aims to share her knowledge and inspire positive change.

She is passionate about promoting Creative Mindset and living a Creative Life.

Creativity Coaching is a thought-provoking process. It is a journey of connecting your passions with your purpose, as well as overcoming your blocks, doubts and fears. Partnering with Dominika in a coaching process will help maximise your personal and professional potential>> LEARN MORE <<

Dominika works with individuals from all over the world via video calls or in her Studio in Castlecomer Discovery Park (Co. Kilkenny, Ireland).

Creativity is not just about art, culture and inventing. Most importantly it's our natural and fundamental power to act, the power to create, allowing ourselves to experiment, take risks, make mistakes and grow. It’s embracing our uniqueness and expressing ourselves as individuals.


Dominika Stoppa