What is Mindful Art?

Art is a natural way to relax and practice mindfulness.

Creative activities impact the state of our mind and are a form of meditation.

Mindful art focuses on the creative process rather than the final artwork.

It encourages curiosity, being present and creating with no judgement.


Benefits of mindful art activities:

  • Mindful art, similar to meditation, allows us to create a space between our thoughts and our true self. It also helps us to process whatever difficulties we might be dealing with at the time.
  • Mindful art gives us a felling of flow and freedom so we can create intuitively and gain more clarity and insight into our emotions.
  • Mindful art helps us practice being grounded and present. It challenges our inner critic.
  • Creative activities stimulate our brain and helps us to feel calm.

It’s important to mention that mindful art is not art therapy. For further support, you might want to look for an art therapist in your area to work with one-on-one.

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