Do you think before you speak?

Today, I would like to introduce you to the acronym THINK, which helps us to communicate in a kind, respectful and honest way.


T stands for – Is it TRUE or is it your opinion?

Say “This is how I feel” as opposed to “This is the way it is”.

Sometimes when we express our anger, instead of explaining our anger, we end up saying things as if they’re true. Often these are actually opinions or feelings.

Explain your anger, don’t just express it.

H stands for – is it HELPFUL?

Are you saying it in a healthy and helpful way or in a hurtful way?

Choose helpful over hurtful every single time.

I stands for – is it INSPIRING?

Are you communicating in an inspiring way? Are you aspiring to create healthy and constructive relationships with your words?

N stands for – is it NECESSARY?

Have you really thought about this or is it something that is just bothering you right now? Is it something that won’t bother you in a day or five days? Is it worth bringing up?

K stands for – is it KIND?

Are you saying it with kindness? Are you the right person to communicate this? Are they going to hear this message better through someone else? Or even an article, book, video, podcast or workshop?

Is it the right time to say it? Are you in an appropriate place? 

Is that person going through something stressful? Do they have enough on their plate already?

Reflect on these questions to have kinder and more constructive conversations.

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Dominika Stoppa is an Award-Winning Professionally Qualified Coach and Trainer for High-Performing Entrepreneurs.

Coaching is a thought-provoking process. Dominika helps Entrepreneurs to improve their mental toughness, stimulate both personal and business growth, and develop a greater balance in life.

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