The Saturday Show with Edward Hayden (Radio Interview)

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The Saturday Show with Edward Hayden (Radio Interview)

It was a great pleasure to be interviewed by Edward Hayden for KCLR last Saturday. The Show was recorded live in Castlecomer Discovery Park, Co. Kilkenny.

〰️ from 13:00 min – Kathy Purcell – Manager Castlecomer Discovery Park
〰️ from 23:35 min – myself speaking about Creative Mandala
〰️ from 28:58 min – Carl Parker Jewels, also mentioning Rosemarie Durr Pottery & Andrew Ludick Ceramics
〰️ from 40:00 min – Niamh Balkin, Castlecomer Rose
〰️ from 44:27 min – Helen Castle, Ballon Community Centre
〰️ from 52:30 min – Kathy Purcel #shopkilkenny Shop Kilkenny
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