Free Resources

Free Weekly Productivity Planner (PDF)

Download The Productive Week Planner for creating your most intentional, focused and productive week ever. Set specific, achievable goals for the week. Breakdown your weekly goal into smaller bite-sized pieces that you can work on each day. Get laser focused and see the results of your work.

Free Guided Meditations (mp3)

Research on meditation proves that it shuts down the fight or flight response (the fear response) and it stimulates the parasympathetic or relaxing nervous system of the body. At the very most basic level, meditation relieves stress. Dominika is sharing with you her own Daily Meditation Practice, that she developed over the last ten years.

Free Strengths Waves Analysis (PDF)

Strength Waves Analysis is a creative and powerful Coaching Tool. Strength Waves Analysis is used to reflect on the individual’s strengths, interests, and skills, that have influenced their life, education, and career choices. The Tool is used to help identify the most fulfilling path for future development.