For a long time, I’ve been asking myself what is blocking my creativity. I’ve been asking myself how to break thinking patterns and leave the baggage behind me. I’ve been asking myself how to let go and release the past.

Around a year ago I felt like I need to slow down and withdraw. I went within. For a few weeks, I’ve been journaling and meditating.


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Dominika Stoppa is an Award-Winning Professionally Qualified Coach and Trainer. She is the Founder of The Excited Entrepreneur Philosophy. Dominika regularly speaks at her own One-Day Workshops as well as providing training in Mental Resilience, Productivity and Growth Mindset for some of Ireland’s leading Corporations.

Coaching is a thought-provoking process. Dominika works with high-performing individuals from all over the world via video calls.

Dominika is the Founder of Creative Mandala. The artworks are a unique combination of collage, using circular mandala shapes, 100 symbols hand-drawn by Dominika, photos, quotes and other elements that are significant to the participants.

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