How to Find Direction in Life

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We all want to see our lives as meaningful. We are surrounded by stories, on social media, TV or hearing them from friends and family. It’s hard not to compare ourselves to others and yet the only person we should be comparing ourselves to is the person we were yesterday. Easier said than done? If you’re feeling stuck in your life or simply not sure about your direction, there’s good news, I’ve created a tool for you.


Some people suffer from too many ideas (including me), others have no clue what to do with their lives. In both cases, the most beneficial thing you can do is to sit down with a piece of paper and start looking deep within.

Someday last year I was thinking how can I identify and show in a creative way the core of my being, my strengths, passions and the forces that drive me forward now and in the past.

Once my mind was peaceful following the morning meditation, I experienced the clarity and started writing down all my ideas. The tool was tested on myself, then on my friends, family and my coaching clients with great feedback, which encouraged me to share it publicly.

I came up with the name ‘Strengths Waves Analysis’ and published it on my website for free, hoping to inspire positive change and self-growth in others.

Strengths Waves Analysis is a creative and powerful method of gaining a comprehensive overview of different strengths, interests and skills that have influenced a person’s life, education and career choices. It is successfully used to help identify the most fulfilling path for future development.


I would encourage you to download the tool, print it out, mute your phone, cut out any distractions for an hour or two and start going through the instructions.

I would be delighted to see your outcome on Instagram or Twitter. Use the hashtag #StrengthsWaves to share your thoughts and if you feel comfortable, your story to inspire others.

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