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  • Gift Certificates for the Creative Mandala™ Workshops in Studio Eleven Creativity and Wellbeing Centre are valid for 12 months (*Covid-19: extended to 24 months).
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One Ticket

Gift Certificate for the Creative Mandala™ Workshop in Studio Eleven Creativity and Wellbeing Centre in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny.
Ticket: €74.99.

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Two Tickets

Gift Certificate for the Creative Mandala™ Workshop in Studio Eleven Creativity and Wellbeing Centre in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny.
Two Tickets (Save 20%): €149.98 €119.98.

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Over 30 5-star testimonials across different platforms.

"Thank you so much for a very relaxing and most enjoyable workshop. My daughter gave me a gift of the afternoon. I had no idea what I was going to do, when you gave us all the pictures to work from and looking at your amazing mandalas and the colours, it was easy to decide. Your mandala with the swans on brought back memories of weeks spent at Galway University when my daughter was in hospital. Sadly Katie passed away in September 2011. Every day on my walk to the hospital I stopped to watch the swans they were so peaceful. Spent 6 weeks in galway away from home, I also light candles every day, reflected in my mandala, forget me nots one of my favourite flowers. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon and I look forward to doing another class. Great location at Discovery Park. Great class to share with friends or family member my next class will be mother and daughter."
Noreen Foreman
Creative Mandala Workshop
"My mother and I recently attended a Creative Mandala workshop in Dominika's Studio. It was a fabulous experience. A calming and open atmosphere was created and it was lovely to get the chance to be creative in such a beautiful space. Dominika is warm and welcoming. She shared her artistic knowledge with us and gave us the chance to create something personal and meaningful. The workshop was four hours long and the time just flew by. We could have spent even longer there. I look forward to attending more of Dominika's workshops in the future and would recommend them to people of all ages as a way to relax and take time for yourself."
Katherine O Brien
Creative Mandala Workshop
"Last Sunday I attended a creative Mandala workshop in Studio 11 Discovery Park Castlecomer. I loved every minute and couldn’t believe how fast the time went. This was totally new for me but Dominika Stoppa the facilitator is brilliant. She brings you into such a calm space and creates a beautiful atmosphere and so freely shares her journey to demonstrate the power of Mandala. I think this a brilliant way for friends, sisters, students to spend a few hours, away from all the distractions in our lives. You leave with a whole new way of doing something beautiful. Thanks Dominika for everything. I love my Mandala."
Anna McDonald
Creative Mandala Workshop

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