Colouring Books


Colouring for Wellbeing

Colouring can help you to:

  • relax the fear centre of your brain (amygdala),
  • generate a creative thought process,
  • improve sleep by creating an electronic-free bedtime ritual,
  • improve focus,
  • enhance mindfulness.

My colouring books are now available on Amazon (paperback) and Etsy (printable version).

Makes a wonderful and memorable gift.


The Botanical Affirmations Colouring Book

  • A special collection of 12 stunning illustrations with powerful affirmations to enhance wellbeing.
  • Each detailed artwork is printed single-sided.
  • Makes a wonderful and memorable gift.

Printed and dispatched by Amazon.

Format: Paperback | 24 Pages


The Botanical Patterns Colouring Book

  • Instant Digital Download via Etsy
  • 3 Illustrations to Colour and Frame

Format: Printable PDF | 3 Pages