Challenging High-Performing Entrepreneurs

Dominika Stoppa is an Award-Winning Professionally Qualified Coach and Trainer for High-Performing Entrepreneurs.

Coaching is a thought-provoking process. Dominika helps Entrepreneurs to improve their mental toughness, stimulate both personal and business growth, and develop a greater balance in life.

Most people seem to have only two big regrets in life: that they didn’t pursue their dreams and they didn’t spend enough time with their loved ones.

Dominika is passionate about helping others and deeply believes that better goal-setting, self-discipline and managing our time is key to success.

Dominika’s coaching program takes a minimum of 12 weeks. The intense weekly 2-hour sessions are conducted over video calls. 


The 12 Week One-on-One Coaching Program will allow you to move more efficiently from where you are at the moment to where you want to be and achieve your goals. Most importantly you will improve the way you work with your mind, develop new habits and behaviours that will transform your life long term.

Dominika’s Coaching Program is an intense Transformative Self-Discovery and Self-Development Process that will help you achieve a more balanced and happy life

Balance and Self-Discipline

You will develop a more balanced life and improve your discipline. Work smarter not harder.

Tangible Results

You will define new strategies, action plans and habits .

Transformational Coaching

You will improve not only your business but also your resilience and relationships.


12 Week Coaching Program

During Dominika’s 12 Week One-on-One Coaching Program you will identify your core values, define your perception of success and happiness, learn how to work with your body, not against it. You will identify old behaviours and create new positive habits. You will boost your confidence and improve your communication and leadership skills. You will increase your productivity and start working smarter.  You will identify your short and long-term goals and see real tangible results.



I have worked with Dominika over a number of weeks. She has been fantastic at getting me to look my productivity through a number of areas in my business. After the process, I have much better control of whats important and what tasks need to be tackled first. I'm sure I will work with Dominika again in the future.

Kevin Connolly




A wonderful person, excellent in what she’s doing, full of empathy and understanding.
Dominika is an amazing listener, what manifests in very accurate use of coaching tools and exercises. I was hugely impressed with the unique and personalized tools that we’ve used during the sessions, as well as in between our appointments. She is incredible at compassionate listening and understanding the human psyche. Our sessions were an amazing pleasure, but most importantly she was an enormous help with finding my own truths. Dominika’s guidance and support make the toughest personal journeys smoother and easier to go through. Dominika helped me with my private life, as well as moving on with my career. I’m recommending Dominika with all my heart and want to say thank you once again for your guidance and enormous knowledge.

Barbara Treter




It was a real pleasure to work with Dominika. I found her to be very professional, reliable, honest and supportive. Regularly interacting with Dominika helped me to take the steps I needed to plan and establish my own business. I am delighted with the outcome and highly recommend her.

Catherine McDonald




Dominka has my highest recommendation. She was always well organised and prepared for each session. During our conversations, she listened to me very carefully and asked relevant questions in order to understand my perspective better, and for me to think more deeply about my issues we discussed. She helped me to discover factors that are influencing my current situation and gain a new perception on my plans for the future. Most of all, she supported me in deciding what my life priorities are, so I can be more aware of my work-life balance.

Agnieszka Pędrak



Start Working With Dominika

If you wish to work with Dominika and you are ready to commit to the intense 12 Week One-on-One Coaching Programme, please describe your current situation and what changes you would like to make. Please make sure to check the FAQ page before sending a message.