Art For Wellbeing Challenge

I know from experience that the act of creating is calming and grounding. Unfortunately, as we were growing up we started comparing our skills to others and in many cases, we stopped having fun while drawing or painting. We classified ourselves as ’creative/ talented’ or ’not creative’.

I believe that art is a great tool to connect with your inner voice, to relax and often heals you from past experiences.

Help me spread the word by using the #ArtForWellnessChallenge while creating. I’d love to see your artworks. If you find yourself struggling for ideas, create an abstract piece or colour. Most importantly, create daily, have fun and let go of judgement.


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Join my #ArtForWellbeingChallenge. Use this free printable tracker and mark your daily creations. Take your time, start with colouring this tracker so the first few days of the challenge are sorted.

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