7 Steps to live a creative life

If you are alive, you are creative. 

Creative thinking is an important part of human nature – we are wired to be inventive, we love improving, we love feeling the power to act and create.

In my opinion, creativity is not just about art, culture and inventing. Most importantly it’s our natural and fundamental power to act, the power to create, allowing ourselves to experiment, take risks, make mistakes and grow. It’s embracing our uniqueness and expressing ourselves as individuals.

How to Live a Creative Life?

#1 Ditch perfection

Chasing perfection is the worst enemy of creativity, productivity and pleasure. Just let go and do what you love to do. Instead of trying to achieve perfection focus on “as good as it can be”. Think of big successful companies, Apple didn’t start with “iPhone 11 Pro Max”, they first launched “iPhone” and over time they kept improving the technology and coming up with new solutions. 

#2 Schedule your creative time

It’s difficult to create when you’re not organised. To live a creative life, you don’t need to create every single day. You will feel the difference when you start building healthy habits. Create a new routine – try painting/ writing/ baking (or anything that feels like a creative outlet) once a week in the evening. Pick the time and stick to it, write it down in your calendar or bullet journal.

#3 Embrace challenges in life

Do you see mistakes as failures or as a path to mastery? Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

Embracing challenges can make you feel more excited about life and will give you greater satisfaction once you find the right solution. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying new things in life.

#4 Surround yourself with growth-orientated people

This is something simple yet very powerful. The energy of people around us, their mindset and actions are either helping us grow or bringing us down. If you want to learn how to paint, go to a workshop and meet like-minded people. If you want to get better at public speaking join Toastmasters. If you love acting, find an acting group and surround yourself with actors. Alternatively, find inspiring accounts on Instagram – people well accomplished in the niche that you’re passionate about. Please don’t compare yourself to others. Remember, there’s no such thing as an overnight success, have patience and keep practising what you love. Staying in touch with creative people will inspire you to try new things. 

#5 Meditate and spend time in nature

There is something soothing about nature, whenever I’m feeling stuck I meditate or go for a walk. I can honestly say that my best ideas came to me during meditation: the idea behind the Creative Mandala Set, the inspiration for “Align with your Purpose: Coaching Workbook” and even colours for my branding. When you quiet your mind, you can start to feel the flow of creative energy.

#6 Leave your comfort zone

All the best things in my life happened as a result of leaving my comfort zone and feeling uncomfortable yet pushing myself out there. I love silence and being on my own, but I pushed myself to have conversations with strangers, give talks and run workshops that put me in the spotlight for up to 8 hours. English is not my first language but I pushed myself to start recording videos on my Instagram and talking on the radio. I did this even though I knew I’ll make some mistakes along the way. Often the only way to grow is to leave what ‘s known and safe behind us and explore new territories. Growing means experiencing ups and downs – both in your personal life and in business. We learn the most from challenges and change so don’t fear them.

#7 Reduce distractions and go offline

Stop filling up time gaps with checking your social media and emails. The best ideas come when you give yourself some time and space to be bored and let your mind wander.

I recommend that you turn off social media and email notifications. Set aside time throughout the day to reply to emails and messages rather than getting distracted with each notification.


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“The Runaway Species: How Human Creativity Remakes the World” by David Eagleman


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